Katie’s introduction to ‘Character Makeover’

Have you ever wished that there was such a thing as a “life makeover,” similar to when a salon fusses over your hair or a personal shopper over your wardrobe, and you come away transformed? I wish getting a life makeover were as painless as those times when I’ve dabbled in the surface-level, cosmetic approach to changing my outward appearance. Whether it was for a milestone birthday or for a family portrait, I must admit that I have found makeovers to be a lot of fun. In fact, I wish every woman could be treated at least once in her life to such a day of pampering!

For me, this matter of character development has become my passion
for different reasons. For years I have been a Life Purpose Coach®, helping
women discover — to borrow Billy Crystal’s phrase from the movie City Slickers
— their “one big thing.” I have been interested not only in helping them
discover their unique purpose in life, but in creating a life plan to ensure that
they leave a legacy. I even wrote a series of books (Pathway to Purpose, Praying
for Purpose, Conversations on Purpose, and Pathway to Purpose Personal
Journal) to help women find their specific, second-half-of-life mission.

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