Category: Forgiveness

Without giving names or any other identifiable info, I’d love to hear from you about what you did–in grief stages or in one fell swoop–when a friend or family member¬†hurt you verbally and intentionally in front of others. Currently, I’m in the process of forgiving someone for a very-very recent, Hurt-Bomb dropped on me publicly, which God is redeeming already for His good. I want to continue to respond to this person with grace and mercy and boundary-setting, but my final step of placing a private telephone call to the person means that I’m going to need to be¬†all prayed-up and feeling kindhearted once again–and I can’t seem to retrieve the necessary kindness factor at this point. Prayers and advice for how to make that quantum leap back to a gentle and compassionate heart (toward this person) are most appreciated! How DID YOU do it?