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Mine is a no-brainer, even though God has done a million miracles in my life! My favorite is that I am now being given the honor of living directly across the street [porch-to-porch!] from my grandsons (ages 7 + 9), my daughter-in-love, and my son, while still getting to serve God in my “outside-the-family ministry” at my Home-Office [1650 sq. ft. basement] in my new home that houses the Founder’s Global Coaching and Training Center in Fort Collins, CO — that includes a Big Screen TV, theater seating,! I’m beside myself with joy! Thank you, Jesus, a zillion x a zillion x infinity and beyond! 

I’d love to hear ANY TYPE of miracle God has done for you, so I can praise the Lord with you!

So…if all goes well, what are you hoping and dreaming will miraculously happen soon? I’m dumbfounded to be able to share that my dream of moving into a specially built home-office across the street from my grandsons (ages 7 + 9) happens on December 2, 2015. I pray God throws doors wide open for you, too, in whatever direction He is calling you! 

I also hope that you will come visit me in 2016 at our brand new 1605 sq. ft. basement-office-headquarters, which is completely dedicated to Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®!

Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® (LPCCI 2005-2014 so far) is getting ready to celebrate its 10th Anniversary as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve 2015. I couldn’t be more excited, as I will be celebrating right along with LPCCI for making it to AND through my 25-year Anniversary in ministry! Yahoo!

I could go on to mention that I recently experienced a 9-month Anniversary of not walking all the way down the street eight houses to mail my outgoing mail, where my incoming mail box was. Instead, I actually figured out on my own [after only five years] that I could walk directly across the street to the mailbox area that was within eight steps of my home!

I could also say that I am celebrating my 1-year Anniversary of not taking my Brita water pitcher that I keep in the bathroom all the way to the kitchen anymore to use the Brita faucet there! It only took me 3 years to figure out that I was double-purifying my water.

But…I’d much rather hear from you about a Happy Anniversary you are excited to have! Let me know. 

If you could only understand one of these topics….which would it be — and why?

Check Out This Topical Index of Dr. Brazelton’s 
The One Year® Recovery Prayer Devotional 
to Help You Move Down the Pathway to Purpose!


Topical Index by Dates 

Part I: Finding P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Through Recovery Steps (2 Weeks)

Overview: How The Twelve Steps for Believers enhance P.U.R.P.O.S.E.

Highlights of The Twelve Steps for Believers

January 1: Thanking God That I’m Not God.  January 2: Being Restored to Sanity.  January 3:Humbly Choosing God.  January 4: Confessing My Shortcomings.  January 5: Agreeing to New Beginnings.  January 6: Rethinking My Actions and Reactions.  January 7: Making Time To Hear God’s Will.  January 8: Answering God’s Call On My Life.


P.U.R.P.O.S.E Through Recovery Steps 

January 9: Put God First.  January 10: Understand Truths About Purpose.  January 11: Rightly Tell My Recovery Story.  January 12: Pursue Positive Practices.  January 13: Opt Out of Self-Sabotage. January 14: Surrender All to the Glory of God.  January 15: Experience Heart-Pounding Purpose.


Part II: Put God First (5 Weeks)

My primary purpose is to worship God with my life. 

God Calls Me to Him

January 16: Born to Love God.  January 17: God Claims Me.  January 18: My King.  January 19:The Lord Who Heals.  January 20: God is My Refuge.  January 21: The Lord Who Bursts Through.January 22: Choosing God.


My Relationship with Christ:

January 23: Knowing Jesus.  January 24: Jesus is the Vine.  January 25: Christ Lives in Me. January 26: An Invitation to a New Life.  January 27: The Way, the Truth, and the Life.  January 28: Jesus Is the Best Gift. January 29: A Relationship With Jesus.


Who Am I?

January 30: God’s Beloved.  January 31: God’s Child.  February 1: God’s Masterpiece.  February 2:A Victor.  February 3: A New Creation.  February 4: Christ’s Friend.  February 5: Who I Am?

More Like Christ

February 6: Becoming Like Christ.  February 7: Humility and Patience.  February 8: Boasting and False Humility.  February 9: Being Patient.  February 10: Patience With Self and Others.  February 11: Patience With God’s Plan.  February 12: Resembling Christ.

Listening to the Holy Spirit

February 13: Made Perfect by the Holy Spirit.  February 14: Filled With the Spirit.  February 15:The Holy Spirit Prays.  February 16: The Holy Spirit Is Clear.  February 17: Bound by the Spirit. February 18: Fruits of the Spirit.  February 19: Listening to the Holy Spirit.


Part III: Understand Biblical Truths About God’s Will (7 Weeks)

I understand my recovery in the bigger picture of how God is redeeming the world.

God Reserved a Unique Purpose for Me

February 20: God’s Plan.  February 21: Eight Phases of God’s Plan.  February 22: Before I Was Formed.  February 23: The Lord’s Plans for Me.  February 24: My Legacy.  February 25: My Life Verse.  February 26: Cooperating with God’s Plan.

God Assigns Universal Purpose to All

February 27: Two Universal Purposes.  February 28: Redeeming the World.  March 1: Glorifying God with My Life.  March 2: Stealing God’s Glory.  March 3: Be Holy.  March 4: God’s Holy Priest. March 5: Accepting Our Purposes.


God’s Way

March 6: God’s Will.  March 7: Do What Matters Today.  March 8: God’s Presence.  March 9: Stay Connected.  March 10: Gather in Churches.  March 11: No Eye Has Seen.  March 12: God’s Plan Is My Plan.

Serving God and Mankind

March 13: An Approved Worker.  March 14: Bear Fruit.  March 15: Don’t Lose Heart.  March 16:Share the Gospel.  March 17: Proclaiming the Gospel.  March 18: Strategically Placed.  March 19:Committing to God.

What the Bible Says About My Unique Purpose

March 20: This I Must Do Assignment.  March 21: Mission in This World.  March 22: Completing My Work On Earth.  March 23: God’s Good Work.  March 24: What the Lord Wants.  March 25:Days Ordained for Me.  March 26: Purpose-Filled Living.

God’s Purposes in the Old Testament

March 27: Old Testament Purpose.  March 28: Noah, Build an Ark.  March 29: Abram, Go.  March 30: Sarah, You’ll Be the Mother of Nations.  March 31: Moses, Free My People.  April 1: Joshua, Cross the River.  April 2: God’s Call to Service.


God’s Purposes in the New Testament

April 3: New Testament Purpose.  April 4: Stephen, Testify About Jesus.  April 5: Philip, Follow Me.  April 6: John the Baptist, Prepare the Way.  April 7: Peter, Feed My Lambs.  April 8: Mary Magdalene, Proclaim the Resurrection.  April 9: God’s Plan to Redeem the World.


Part IV: Rightly Tell My Recovery Story (9 Weeks)

I turn my past and present over to God to complete my future life’s work. 

My Past Points to My Future

April 10: God Works for Good.  April 11: Using My Grief.  April 12: Tiptoeing Through Life.  April 13: My Extra Baggage.  April 14: My Successes and Accomplishments.  April 15: My One-Minute Testimony.  April 16: Use All of Me.

The Truth of the Matter

April 17: Consequences, Regrets, and Values.  April 18: Tough Consequences.  April 19: Escaping Consequences.  April 20: My Biggest Regret.  April 21: Future Regrets.  April 22: Pearls of Great Value.  April 23: A New Beginning.

Getting Perspective

April 24: Right, Wrong, Confused, or Missing.  April 25: What’s Right?  April 26: What’s Wrong? April 27: What’s Confused?  April 28: What’s Missing?  April 29: A Do-Over.  April 30: Give Me Insight.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps One and Two)

May 1: Living Sober.  May 2: Step One: I’m Powerless.  May 3: Step One: Seeing Truth.  May 4: Step Two: Choosing Sanity.  May 5: Step Two: Second Chance.  May 6: Rest for the Weary. May 7: My Higher Power.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps Three and Four)

May 8: Faithful God.  May 9: Step Three: Care of God.  May 10: Step Three: 180-Degree Turnaround.  May 11: Step Four: Searching and Fearless Inventory.  May 12: Step Four: Carpe Diem.  May 13: Rewards of Repenting.  May 14: Confess and Repent.

A Life of Sobriety (Steps Five and Six)

May 15: Becoming Ready.  May 16: Step Five: I Admit.  May 17: Step Five: Admitting More.  May 18: Step Six: Entirely Ready.  May 19: Step Six: Removing Defects.  May 20: Sifted Like Wheat. May 21: Pressing On.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps Seven and Eight)

May 22: Working the Program.  May 23: Step Seven: Humbly Ask.  May 24: Step Seven: My Shortcomings.  May 25: Step Eight: The List.  May 26: Step Eight: Clothed With Compassion.  May 27: Crossroads.  May 28: Accepting the Challenge.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps Nine and Ten)

May 29: Continuing With Wisdom.  May 30: Step Nine: Be Reconciled.  May 31: Step Nine: Unfinished Business.  June 1: Step Ten: Continue Taking Inventory.  June 2: Step Ten: Standing Strong.  June 3: Forgiveness.  June 4: Guide My Steps.

A Life of Sobriety (Steps Eleven and Twelve)

June 5: Eyes On Sobriety.  June 6: Step Eleven:Conscious Contact With God.  June 7: Step Eleven:Victorious Life.  June 8: Step Twelve: Giving Back.  June 9: Step Twelve: Light of the World.  June 10: My Seven-Minute Testimony.  June 11: Keep Moving Forward.


Part V: Pursue Positive Practices to Maintain My Sobriety (9 Weeks)

I’m fully cooperating with God regarding his unique plan for my life. 

Bedrock Practice of Praying

June 12: Fervent Prayer.  June 13: Pray Without Ceasing.  June 14: Private Prayer Life.  June 15: Practicing Solitude.  June 16: Pray for Wisdom.  June 17: Pray for Equipping.  June 18: Becoming a Person of Prayer.

God’s People

June 19: Relationships, Role Models, and Sponsors.  June 20: No Record of Wrong.  June 21:Healthy Church Relationships.  June 22: Cord of Three Strands.  June 23: God’s Gift of Roles Models.  June 24: Relationship Sponsor or Coach.  June 25: Living In Community.

Pure Motives Guide Me to My Purpose

June 26: Things Hidden.  June 27: Duplicity.  June 28: Hidden Motives.  June 29: Right and Wrong Motives.  June 30: Payoffs.  July 1: Secret Shame.  July 2: Authenticity.

Essentials to God’s Plan

July 3: Signposts to Wholeness.  July 4: Simplified Lifestyle.  July 5: Health and Wellness.  July 6:Being Physically Fit.  July 7: Role of Levity.  July 8: Grace Extended and Received.  July 9: Living the Life.

Spiritual Habits Carry Me to God’s Will

July 10: Spiritual Habits.  July 11: Reading God’s Word.  July 12: Fasting.  July 13: Intercessory Praying.  July 14: Purity.  July 15: Tithing.  July 16: Embracing Spiritual Habits.

Sustaining My Mission

July 17: Perseverance and Lifelong Learning.  July 18: Staying Power.  July 19: Perseverance During Trials.  July 20: Daily Perseverance.  July 21: Needing to Learn.  July 22: Lifelong Learning. July 23: Going Forward.

Heading Toward My Unique Purpose

July 24: Gratitude, God-Control, and Boundaries.  July 25: A Life of Gratitude.  July 26: Jesus’ Power and Kindness.  July 27: Controlling My Mouth.  July 28: Under God-Control.  July 29:Boundaries Based on Priorities.  July 30: Trusting God.

How I’m Made

July 31: Gifts, Qualities, and Personality.  August 1: My Giftedness.  August 2: Grateful for My Gifts.  August 3: Letting My Gifts Lead Me.  August 4: My Best Qualities.  August 5: My Personality Type.  August 6: Using What I’ve Been Given.

Staying Committed

August 7: Four Commitments.  August 8: Natural Talents and Acquired Skills.  August 9: Practice Kindness.  August 10: Resist Boredom.  August 11: Strengths Can Become Weaknesses.  August 12: Weaknesses Turned Into Strengths.  August 13: The Recovered Life.


Part VI: Opt Out of Self-Sabotaging Methods (6 Weeks)

I choose to live a life of recovery and purpose now.

What Stops Me

August 14: Anger, Bitterness, and Doubt.  August 15: Anger and Rage.  August 16: Root Cause of My Anger.  August 17: Bitterness Hurts.  August 18: Doubting Thomas.  August 19: Still Doubting?  August 20: No Looking Back.

Foiled Again

August 21: Heavy-Duty Issues.  August 22: Worry Less.  August 23: Unconfessed Guilt.  August 24: Say No to Jealousy.  August 25: Hatred Has No Place.  August 26: Pandemic of Self-loathing.  August 27: Five Guaranteed Life-Killers.

Blocked by Fears and Syndromes

August 28: Facing Fears.  August 29: What Fear Does to Us.  August 30: Being Courageous. August 31: Fear God.  September 1: Syndromes That Scream Fear.  September 2: Other Unhealthy Syndromes.  September 3: God’s In Charge.

Remembering God’s Goodness

September 4: God is Good, All the Time.  September 5: God Is My Full Armor.  September 6: The God Who Sees Me.  September 7: The Lord Is My Banner.  September 8: God’s Strength Against Enabling.  September 9: Praying the Names of God.  September 10: God Is Mine and I Am God’s.



September 11: Enemies of the State.  September 12: Judgmental Criticism.  September 13:Ugliness of Gossip and Grudges.  September 14: Headstrong Stubbornness.  September 15: Lousy Life Scripts.  September 16: God Luck.  September 17: Moving On.

Threats, Delays, and Roadblocks to God’s Plan

September 18: The Troubles I See.  September 19: Numerous Threats.  September 20:Maddening Delays.  September 21: Why the Delay? Part I.  September 22: Why the Delay? Part II.  September 23: Leaping Over Roadblocks.  September 24: Victory in God.


Part VII: Surrender All to Christ My King (5 Weeks)

When I empty myself of self, I’m able to be and do all God wants. 

Saved and Surrendered

September 25: Surrender All.  September 26: Salvation.  September 27: Surrender, a Lifelong Process.  September 28: Surrender What?  September 29: When to Surrender.  September 30:Cost of Surrender.  October 1: Choosing to Submit Humbly.

Surrendered People

October 2: Who Has Surrendered?  October 3: Jesus Surrendered.  October 4: The Virgin Mary Surrendered.  October 5: The First Disciples Surrendered.  October 6: One Surrendered and One Didn’t.  October 7: I Surrender My Indifference.  October 8: I Want to Surrender.


How Do I Surrender?

October 9: How Do I Surrender?  October 10: Step One of Surrendering: Revelation.  October 11: Step Two of Surrendering: Investigation.  October 12: Step Three of Surrendering: Realization. October 13: Step Four of Surrendering: Transformation.  October 14: Step Five of Surrendering: Declaration.  October 15: Letting God’s Spirit Lead.

Emptying Myself of Self

October 16: Surrendering Trouble Spots.  October 17: I Surrender My Humanness and Relapses. October 18: I Surrender My People-Pleasing.  October 19: I Surrender My Dishonesty.  October 20: I Surrender My Disappointments.  October 21: I Surrender My Encumbrances.  October 22:Surrender Opportunities.

Surrender It Is!

October 23: Surrendering My Entire Life.  October 24: Saying Goodbye to Purposelessness. October 25: I Surrender My Prized Excuses.  October 26: I Surrender the Small and Big Things. October 27: I Surrender My Dreams.  October 28: I Surrender My Addictions.  October 29: Surrendering All

Part VIII: Experience Heart-Pounding, Life Purpose (9 Weeks)

I’m living in the center of God’s will. 

Fulfilling My Life Mission

October 30: Miracles and Leverage.  October 31: God of Miracles.  November 1: Expecting Miracles.  November 2: Doing the Impossible.  November 3: God’s Blinding Speed.  November 4:God’s Silence.  November 5: Ready for More.


Exhaling and Regrouping

November 6: Slow Down.  November 7: Rest and Relax More.  November 8: Breathe and Exhale. November 9: Enjoy Life.  November 10: God’s Generosity.  November 11: The Least of These. November 12: Enjoying the Journey.


What’s My Unique Purpose?

November 13: My Distinctive Life Purpose.  November 14: A Sneak Preview.  November 15: My Heroes and God’s Plan.  November 16: Druthers, Hopes, and Dreams.  November 17: Drowning Out God’s Voice.  November 18: My Deepest Longing.  November 19: God-Given Intuition.

To Whom Am I Called and What Do I Say?

November 20: My Calling.  November 21: To Whom Am I Called?  November 22: Who’s My Audience?  November 23: A Life Message.  November 24: Direct Revelation.  November 25:Asking for My Heart’s Desire.  November 26: Grateful for My Assignment.

What God Wants

November 27: Delivery Method and Pizzazz.  November 28: Creative Delivery Methods. November 29: God’s Delivery Method.  November 30: Passion: It’s Good for My Soul.  December 1: My Pizzazz and Life Mission.  December 2: God’s Return Policy.  December 3: Win-Win-Win.


The Life to Live

December 4: Joy and Peace.  December 5: Red Carpet Treatment.  December 6: Being Joy-Filled. December 7: I Choose Joy.  December 8: Peacefulness Checklist.  December 9: The Lord is Peace. December 10: Craving Joy and Peace.


Say Yes!

December 11: Divine Commission.  December 12: Lord, Speak.  December 13: Send Me. December 14: Say Yes to Change.  December 15: Leap of Faith.  December 16: God’s Signet Ring. December 17: I Say Yes.

Steps Toward My Purpose

December 18: I’m Ready to Move Forward.  December 19: Research and Interviews.  December 20: Get Back to Work.  December 21: The Lord’s Will.  December 22: Released to Move Forward. December 23: Be Merciful to Others.  December 24: My Exciting Action Steps.

Obeying God’s Call

December 25: God’s Friendship.  December 26: Humble Obedience.  December 27: Running and Hiding.  December 28: Will You Go Now?  December 29: God’s Ten Commandments.  December 30: I Am the First and the Last.  December 31: I’m Obeying Now.

Do I dare ask…or do you dare type it or speak it aloud to another human being!

In what way is the Holy Spirit prompting you?

I’d be honored to pray for you. Just point me in the right direction without disclosing confidential information. Praise Reports are wonderful to pray about, too!

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
Katie Brazelton
Founder, Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®

Without giving names or any other identifiable info, I’d love to hear from you about what you did–in grief stages or in one fell swoop–when a friend or family member hurt you verbally and intentionally in front of others. Currently, I’m in the process of forgiving someone for a very-very recent, Hurt-Bomb dropped on me publicly, which God is redeeming already for His good. I want to continue to respond to this person with grace and mercy and boundary-setting, but my final step of placing a private telephone call to the person means that I’m going to need to be all prayed-up and feeling kindhearted once again–and I can’t seem to retrieve the necessary kindness factor at this point. Prayers and advice for how to make that quantum leap back to a gentle and compassionate heart (toward this person) are most appreciated! How DID YOU do it?

Do you ever pray specifically to our Protector God for safety? I sure had prayed diligently for my family’s “transportation safety” two days ago. It seemed a bit over-the-top to me at the time, but we were all headed out to meet up at a fun, overdue reunion at Laguna Beach, one that was to be followed by a lovely, evening wedding across town. In hindsight, I’m so grateful that the Holy Spirit had prompted me to pray in that way, as I had a little “transportation safety” need of my own that day.

May I showcase Our Protector God to you today?

All my sibs were still putting on their suntan lotion or deciding on a route for a beach stroll, so I excitedly ventured calf-deep into the shallow, shoreline water. Just after I smiled/waved at our group to check in, a strong riptide sucked me into the ocean, seriously discombobulating me under three huge waves (quite an unusual experience for me who had always lived in the water in CA, Hawaii, Guam, and the Marshall Islands).

Cute Lifeguard Casey sprinted the length of a football field to rescue me, while my brother Dennis raced from the other direction and dove into the harsh current—just as another Bro (Mark), was shedding his hat, sunglasses, and t-shirt along his route to his save his Sis. 

They pulled me out of the water face down as dead weight with my toes dragging in the sand and my eyes closed; I was disoriented, weak, and falling all over (!) the darling Casey. Sisters Cathy and Carla (an RN) said afterwards that they thought I was dead or would have needed CPR to revive me—so they had hightailed toward the gawking crowd—but I wasn’t and didn’t; was just shaky for awhile. It took me an hour to get all the sand out of my suit; had to wash my hair 5x from all the ocean-tumbling. I’m still sore today, but nothing affected my pure joy that day—amidst God’s handpicked Safety Crew, one that he chose eons ago!

After a few hours on the beach, our tribe headed up to the Montage Resort lobby, where we had the best-ever ocean + pool view. As we sat sipping iced tea and eating complimentary hot nuts and choco-bites, that’s about the time it hit me that MY GOD IS TRULY MY GREAT PROTECTOR! (It’s one of the eight names for the Godhead—Creator, Savior, Protector, Provider, Father, Friend, Guide, and Light of the World— that I taught my two young grandsons in May!)

Carter-Landon 2014

When has God sent a Rescue Squad for you physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, vocationally, and/or relationally? I’d so very much love to hear! Please bless us and share how God has been your Glorious and Awesome Protector.

To me, May 31st seems like it should be Memorial Day weekend here in the USA, but instead, we celebrated it with a Monday holiday way back on 5/26, and then we had an entire week to work before June would finally arrive. (My work schedule has been discombobulated all week, like when Christmas Day and New Years Day fall midweek!)

So…what have I chosen to do on my self-proclaimed, extra “free” day today so far? Jog, prepare a big pot of oatmeal + store it in individual serving sizes, pray longer, write to you, order some Blackberry Decaf Tea online, and who knows what other exciting things today will bring! Any ideas, ya’ll? I’m all ears as to what you would do with one entire day free.

As one of my coaches just told me that she was praying for me today in a focused way, it brought to mind that I could offer to pray for her and you, too! What prayer request can you share with me? It would be my honor to join you.
Blessings on your day,