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Any New Beginnings In Sight For U?

So…if all goes well, what are you hoping and dreaming will miraculously happen soon? I’m dumbfounded to be able to share that my dream of moving into a specially built home-office across the street from my grandsons (ages 7 + 9) happens on December 2, 2015. I pray God throws doors wide open for you, too, in whatever direction He is calling you!┬á

I also hope that you will come visit me in 2016 at our brand new 1605 sq. ft. basement-office-headquarters, which is completely dedicated to Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®!

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  • Erin E. McEndree says:

    I am standing on the first paver of a dream I’ve has a long time. Since I found Katie and Life Purpose Coaching, my dream now has a target. Just as there are many parts to bow shooting, my dream how has many parts. Now each part has ‘backing’. By that I mean, each part is well thought out with knowledge and skills and has accountability. I need the accountability part to hold my feet to the fire and attain my dream and help me discover peers in the field to help me along the way. The beginning is scary and fun. The support has been great!!

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