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If you could only understand one of these topics….which would it be — and why?

Check Out This Topical Index of Dr. Brazelton’s 
The One Year® Recovery Prayer Devotional 
to Help You Move Down the Pathway to Purpose!


Topical Index by Dates 

Part I: Finding P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Through Recovery Steps (2 Weeks)

Overview: How The Twelve Steps for Believers enhance P.U.R.P.O.S.E.

Highlights of The Twelve Steps for Believers

January 1: Thanking God That I’m Not God.  January 2: Being Restored to Sanity.  January 3:Humbly Choosing God.  January 4: Confessing My Shortcomings.  January 5: Agreeing to New Beginnings.  January 6: Rethinking My Actions and Reactions.  January 7: Making Time To Hear God’s Will.  January 8: Answering God’s Call On My Life.


P.U.R.P.O.S.E Through Recovery Steps 

January 9: Put God First.  January 10: Understand Truths About Purpose.  January 11: Rightly Tell My Recovery Story.  January 12: Pursue Positive Practices.  January 13: Opt Out of Self-Sabotage. January 14: Surrender All to the Glory of God.  January 15: Experience Heart-Pounding Purpose.


Part II: Put God First (5 Weeks)

My primary purpose is to worship God with my life. 

God Calls Me to Him

January 16: Born to Love God.  January 17: God Claims Me.  January 18: My King.  January 19:The Lord Who Heals.  January 20: God is My Refuge.  January 21: The Lord Who Bursts Through.January 22: Choosing God.


My Relationship with Christ:

January 23: Knowing Jesus.  January 24: Jesus is the Vine.  January 25: Christ Lives in Me. January 26: An Invitation to a New Life.  January 27: The Way, the Truth, and the Life.  January 28: Jesus Is the Best Gift. January 29: A Relationship With Jesus.


Who Am I?

January 30: God’s Beloved.  January 31: God’s Child.  February 1: God’s Masterpiece.  February 2:A Victor.  February 3: A New Creation.  February 4: Christ’s Friend.  February 5: Who I Am?

More Like Christ

February 6: Becoming Like Christ.  February 7: Humility and Patience.  February 8: Boasting and False Humility.  February 9: Being Patient.  February 10: Patience With Self and Others.  February 11: Patience With God’s Plan.  February 12: Resembling Christ.

Listening to the Holy Spirit

February 13: Made Perfect by the Holy Spirit.  February 14: Filled With the Spirit.  February 15:The Holy Spirit Prays.  February 16: The Holy Spirit Is Clear.  February 17: Bound by the Spirit. February 18: Fruits of the Spirit.  February 19: Listening to the Holy Spirit.


Part III: Understand Biblical Truths About God’s Will (7 Weeks)

I understand my recovery in the bigger picture of how God is redeeming the world.

God Reserved a Unique Purpose for Me

February 20: God’s Plan.  February 21: Eight Phases of God’s Plan.  February 22: Before I Was Formed.  February 23: The Lord’s Plans for Me.  February 24: My Legacy.  February 25: My Life Verse.  February 26: Cooperating with God’s Plan.

God Assigns Universal Purpose to All

February 27: Two Universal Purposes.  February 28: Redeeming the World.  March 1: Glorifying God with My Life.  March 2: Stealing God’s Glory.  March 3: Be Holy.  March 4: God’s Holy Priest. March 5: Accepting Our Purposes.


God’s Way

March 6: God’s Will.  March 7: Do What Matters Today.  March 8: God’s Presence.  March 9: Stay Connected.  March 10: Gather in Churches.  March 11: No Eye Has Seen.  March 12: God’s Plan Is My Plan.

Serving God and Mankind

March 13: An Approved Worker.  March 14: Bear Fruit.  March 15: Don’t Lose Heart.  March 16:Share the Gospel.  March 17: Proclaiming the Gospel.  March 18: Strategically Placed.  March 19:Committing to God.

What the Bible Says About My Unique Purpose

March 20: This I Must Do Assignment.  March 21: Mission in This World.  March 22: Completing My Work On Earth.  March 23: God’s Good Work.  March 24: What the Lord Wants.  March 25:Days Ordained for Me.  March 26: Purpose-Filled Living.

God’s Purposes in the Old Testament

March 27: Old Testament Purpose.  March 28: Noah, Build an Ark.  March 29: Abram, Go.  March 30: Sarah, You’ll Be the Mother of Nations.  March 31: Moses, Free My People.  April 1: Joshua, Cross the River.  April 2: God’s Call to Service.


God’s Purposes in the New Testament

April 3: New Testament Purpose.  April 4: Stephen, Testify About Jesus.  April 5: Philip, Follow Me.  April 6: John the Baptist, Prepare the Way.  April 7: Peter, Feed My Lambs.  April 8: Mary Magdalene, Proclaim the Resurrection.  April 9: God’s Plan to Redeem the World.


Part IV: Rightly Tell My Recovery Story (9 Weeks)

I turn my past and present over to God to complete my future life’s work. 

My Past Points to My Future

April 10: God Works for Good.  April 11: Using My Grief.  April 12: Tiptoeing Through Life.  April 13: My Extra Baggage.  April 14: My Successes and Accomplishments.  April 15: My One-Minute Testimony.  April 16: Use All of Me.

The Truth of the Matter

April 17: Consequences, Regrets, and Values.  April 18: Tough Consequences.  April 19: Escaping Consequences.  April 20: My Biggest Regret.  April 21: Future Regrets.  April 22: Pearls of Great Value.  April 23: A New Beginning.

Getting Perspective

April 24: Right, Wrong, Confused, or Missing.  April 25: What’s Right?  April 26: What’s Wrong? April 27: What’s Confused?  April 28: What’s Missing?  April 29: A Do-Over.  April 30: Give Me Insight.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps One and Two)

May 1: Living Sober.  May 2: Step One: I’m Powerless.  May 3: Step One: Seeing Truth.  May 4: Step Two: Choosing Sanity.  May 5: Step Two: Second Chance.  May 6: Rest for the Weary. May 7: My Higher Power.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps Three and Four)

May 8: Faithful God.  May 9: Step Three: Care of God.  May 10: Step Three: 180-Degree Turnaround.  May 11: Step Four: Searching and Fearless Inventory.  May 12: Step Four: Carpe Diem.  May 13: Rewards of Repenting.  May 14: Confess and Repent.

A Life of Sobriety (Steps Five and Six)

May 15: Becoming Ready.  May 16: Step Five: I Admit.  May 17: Step Five: Admitting More.  May 18: Step Six: Entirely Ready.  May 19: Step Six: Removing Defects.  May 20: Sifted Like Wheat. May 21: Pressing On.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps Seven and Eight)

May 22: Working the Program.  May 23: Step Seven: Humbly Ask.  May 24: Step Seven: My Shortcomings.  May 25: Step Eight: The List.  May 26: Step Eight: Clothed With Compassion.  May 27: Crossroads.  May 28: Accepting the Challenge.


A Life of Sobriety (Steps Nine and Ten)

May 29: Continuing With Wisdom.  May 30: Step Nine: Be Reconciled.  May 31: Step Nine: Unfinished Business.  June 1: Step Ten: Continue Taking Inventory.  June 2: Step Ten: Standing Strong.  June 3: Forgiveness.  June 4: Guide My Steps.

A Life of Sobriety (Steps Eleven and Twelve)

June 5: Eyes On Sobriety.  June 6: Step Eleven:Conscious Contact With God.  June 7: Step Eleven:Victorious Life.  June 8: Step Twelve: Giving Back.  June 9: Step Twelve: Light of the World.  June 10: My Seven-Minute Testimony.  June 11: Keep Moving Forward.


Part V: Pursue Positive Practices to Maintain My Sobriety (9 Weeks)

I’m fully cooperating with God regarding his unique plan for my life. 

Bedrock Practice of Praying

June 12: Fervent Prayer.  June 13: Pray Without Ceasing.  June 14: Private Prayer Life.  June 15: Practicing Solitude.  June 16: Pray for Wisdom.  June 17: Pray for Equipping.  June 18: Becoming a Person of Prayer.

God’s People

June 19: Relationships, Role Models, and Sponsors.  June 20: No Record of Wrong.  June 21:Healthy Church Relationships.  June 22: Cord of Three Strands.  June 23: God’s Gift of Roles Models.  June 24: Relationship Sponsor or Coach.  June 25: Living In Community.

Pure Motives Guide Me to My Purpose

June 26: Things Hidden.  June 27: Duplicity.  June 28: Hidden Motives.  June 29: Right and Wrong Motives.  June 30: Payoffs.  July 1: Secret Shame.  July 2: Authenticity.

Essentials to God’s Plan

July 3: Signposts to Wholeness.  July 4: Simplified Lifestyle.  July 5: Health and Wellness.  July 6:Being Physically Fit.  July 7: Role of Levity.  July 8: Grace Extended and Received.  July 9: Living the Life.

Spiritual Habits Carry Me to God’s Will

July 10: Spiritual Habits.  July 11: Reading God’s Word.  July 12: Fasting.  July 13: Intercessory Praying.  July 14: Purity.  July 15: Tithing.  July 16: Embracing Spiritual Habits.

Sustaining My Mission

July 17: Perseverance and Lifelong Learning.  July 18: Staying Power.  July 19: Perseverance During Trials.  July 20: Daily Perseverance.  July 21: Needing to Learn.  July 22: Lifelong Learning. July 23: Going Forward.

Heading Toward My Unique Purpose

July 24: Gratitude, God-Control, and Boundaries.  July 25: A Life of Gratitude.  July 26: Jesus’ Power and Kindness.  July 27: Controlling My Mouth.  July 28: Under God-Control.  July 29:Boundaries Based on Priorities.  July 30: Trusting God.

How I’m Made

July 31: Gifts, Qualities, and Personality.  August 1: My Giftedness.  August 2: Grateful for My Gifts.  August 3: Letting My Gifts Lead Me.  August 4: My Best Qualities.  August 5: My Personality Type.  August 6: Using What I’ve Been Given.

Staying Committed

August 7: Four Commitments.  August 8: Natural Talents and Acquired Skills.  August 9: Practice Kindness.  August 10: Resist Boredom.  August 11: Strengths Can Become Weaknesses.  August 12: Weaknesses Turned Into Strengths.  August 13: The Recovered Life.


Part VI: Opt Out of Self-Sabotaging Methods (6 Weeks)

I choose to live a life of recovery and purpose now.

What Stops Me

August 14: Anger, Bitterness, and Doubt.  August 15: Anger and Rage.  August 16: Root Cause of My Anger.  August 17: Bitterness Hurts.  August 18: Doubting Thomas.  August 19: Still Doubting?  August 20: No Looking Back.

Foiled Again

August 21: Heavy-Duty Issues.  August 22: Worry Less.  August 23: Unconfessed Guilt.  August 24: Say No to Jealousy.  August 25: Hatred Has No Place.  August 26: Pandemic of Self-loathing.  August 27: Five Guaranteed Life-Killers.

Blocked by Fears and Syndromes

August 28: Facing Fears.  August 29: What Fear Does to Us.  August 30: Being Courageous. August 31: Fear God.  September 1: Syndromes That Scream Fear.  September 2: Other Unhealthy Syndromes.  September 3: God’s In Charge.

Remembering God’s Goodness

September 4: God is Good, All the Time.  September 5: God Is My Full Armor.  September 6: The God Who Sees Me.  September 7: The Lord Is My Banner.  September 8: God’s Strength Against Enabling.  September 9: Praying the Names of God.  September 10: God Is Mine and I Am God’s.



September 11: Enemies of the State.  September 12: Judgmental Criticism.  September 13:Ugliness of Gossip and Grudges.  September 14: Headstrong Stubbornness.  September 15: Lousy Life Scripts.  September 16: God Luck.  September 17: Moving On.

Threats, Delays, and Roadblocks to God’s Plan

September 18: The Troubles I See.  September 19: Numerous Threats.  September 20:Maddening Delays.  September 21: Why the Delay? Part I.  September 22: Why the Delay? Part II.  September 23: Leaping Over Roadblocks.  September 24: Victory in God.


Part VII: Surrender All to Christ My King (5 Weeks)

When I empty myself of self, I’m able to be and do all God wants. 

Saved and Surrendered

September 25: Surrender All.  September 26: Salvation.  September 27: Surrender, a Lifelong Process.  September 28: Surrender What?  September 29: When to Surrender.  September 30:Cost of Surrender.  October 1: Choosing to Submit Humbly.

Surrendered People

October 2: Who Has Surrendered?  October 3: Jesus Surrendered.  October 4: The Virgin Mary Surrendered.  October 5: The First Disciples Surrendered.  October 6: One Surrendered and One Didn’t.  October 7: I Surrender My Indifference.  October 8: I Want to Surrender.


How Do I Surrender?

October 9: How Do I Surrender?  October 10: Step One of Surrendering: Revelation.  October 11: Step Two of Surrendering: Investigation.  October 12: Step Three of Surrendering: Realization. October 13: Step Four of Surrendering: Transformation.  October 14: Step Five of Surrendering: Declaration.  October 15: Letting God’s Spirit Lead.

Emptying Myself of Self

October 16: Surrendering Trouble Spots.  October 17: I Surrender My Humanness and Relapses. October 18: I Surrender My People-Pleasing.  October 19: I Surrender My Dishonesty.  October 20: I Surrender My Disappointments.  October 21: I Surrender My Encumbrances.  October 22:Surrender Opportunities.

Surrender It Is!

October 23: Surrendering My Entire Life.  October 24: Saying Goodbye to Purposelessness. October 25: I Surrender My Prized Excuses.  October 26: I Surrender the Small and Big Things. October 27: I Surrender My Dreams.  October 28: I Surrender My Addictions.  October 29: Surrendering All

Part VIII: Experience Heart-Pounding, Life Purpose (9 Weeks)

I’m living in the center of God’s will. 

Fulfilling My Life Mission

October 30: Miracles and Leverage.  October 31: God of Miracles.  November 1: Expecting Miracles.  November 2: Doing the Impossible.  November 3: God’s Blinding Speed.  November 4:God’s Silence.  November 5: Ready for More.


Exhaling and Regrouping

November 6: Slow Down.  November 7: Rest and Relax More.  November 8: Breathe and Exhale. November 9: Enjoy Life.  November 10: God’s Generosity.  November 11: The Least of These. November 12: Enjoying the Journey.


What’s My Unique Purpose?

November 13: My Distinctive Life Purpose.  November 14: A Sneak Preview.  November 15: My Heroes and God’s Plan.  November 16: Druthers, Hopes, and Dreams.  November 17: Drowning Out God’s Voice.  November 18: My Deepest Longing.  November 19: God-Given Intuition.

To Whom Am I Called and What Do I Say?

November 20: My Calling.  November 21: To Whom Am I Called?  November 22: Who’s My Audience?  November 23: A Life Message.  November 24: Direct Revelation.  November 25:Asking for My Heart’s Desire.  November 26: Grateful for My Assignment.

What God Wants

November 27: Delivery Method and Pizzazz.  November 28: Creative Delivery Methods. November 29: God’s Delivery Method.  November 30: Passion: It’s Good for My Soul.  December 1: My Pizzazz and Life Mission.  December 2: God’s Return Policy.  December 3: Win-Win-Win.


The Life to Live

December 4: Joy and Peace.  December 5: Red Carpet Treatment.  December 6: Being Joy-Filled. December 7: I Choose Joy.  December 8: Peacefulness Checklist.  December 9: The Lord is Peace. December 10: Craving Joy and Peace.


Say Yes!

December 11: Divine Commission.  December 12: Lord, Speak.  December 13: Send Me. December 14: Say Yes to Change.  December 15: Leap of Faith.  December 16: God’s Signet Ring. December 17: I Say Yes.

Steps Toward My Purpose

December 18: I’m Ready to Move Forward.  December 19: Research and Interviews.  December 20: Get Back to Work.  December 21: The Lord’s Will.  December 22: Released to Move Forward. December 23: Be Merciful to Others.  December 24: My Exciting Action Steps.

Obeying God’s Call

December 25: God’s Friendship.  December 26: Humble Obedience.  December 27: Running and Hiding.  December 28: Will You Go Now?  December 29: God’s Ten Commandments.  December 30: I Am the First and the Last.  December 31: I’m Obeying Now.