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In What Way Is the Holy Spirit Nudging You?

Do I dare ask…or do you dare type it or speak it aloud to another human being!

In what way is the Holy Spirit prompting you?

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  • Michelle says:

    The Spirit nudged me this summer to begin certification with LPCCI. I have loved every minute of it and know this is what I am called to do, what I am purposed for, and what I am passionate about.

    For that, I thank you. Without your yes, none of this would be possible.

  • Sharon Charleston says:

    The Holy Spirit is nudging me to trust and know that my steps are ordered! That it is not in me to direct my steps. The Holy Spirit is teaching me how to flow in purpose and to know that God will take care of the rest.

  • Marjorie Scheib says:

    I feel the nudge to encourage other women on their journey with Christ. To help them see who they are In Christ. Teach them to love the Word of God.
    He did not bring me through all He has brought me through not to share it with others.

  • Kris Collins says:

    The Holy Spirit is nudging me to start an organized group for women’s empowerment and encouragement. Not sure of the length, but it’s for a specific number of weeks, with a preferred high commitment level. The purpose is to help women who struggle with their identity, insecurity, and feelings of worthlessness; to encourage them to learn their identity in Christ and to empower them to become emotionally healthy through the process. I’m praying about the details of it, as well as the timing.

    This one has to be all God, because I don’t know anyone in my new city. He would have to bring the women, make the connections, give me a place to meet, design the program, etc. Which means that once it’s up and going, I have no choice but to give Him glory because He will be the author of it all!

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