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Do you ever pray specifically to our Protector God for safety? I sure had prayed diligently for my family’s “transportation safety” two days ago. It seemed a bit over-the-top to me at the time, but we were all headed out to meet up at a fun, overdue reunion at Laguna Beach, one that was to be followed by a lovely, evening wedding across town. In hindsight, I’m so grateful that the Holy Spirit had prompted me to pray in that way, as I had a little “transportation safety” need of my own that day.

May I showcase Our Protector God to you today?

All my sibs were still putting on their suntan lotion or deciding on a route for a beach stroll, so I excitedly ventured calf-deep into the shallow, shoreline water. Just after I smiled/waved at our group to check in, a strong riptide sucked me into the ocean, seriously discombobulating me under three huge waves (quite an unusual experience for me who had always lived in the water in CA, Hawaii, Guam, and the Marshall Islands).

Cute Lifeguard Casey sprinted the length of a football field to rescue me, while my brother Dennis raced from the other direction and dove into the harsh current—just as another Bro (Mark), was shedding his hat, sunglasses, and t-shirt along his route to his save his Sis. 

They pulled me out of the water face down as dead weight with my toes dragging in the sand and my eyes closed; I was disoriented, weak, and falling all over (!) the darling Casey. Sisters Cathy and Carla (an RN) said afterwards that they thought I was dead or would have needed CPR to revive me—so they had hightailed toward the gawking crowd—but I wasn’t and didn’t; was just shaky for awhile. It took me an hour to get all the sand out of my suit; had to wash my hair 5x from all the ocean-tumbling. I’m still sore today, but nothing affected my pure joy that day—amidst God’s handpicked Safety Crew, one that he chose eons ago!

After a few hours on the beach, our tribe headed up to the Montage Resort lobby, where we had the best-ever ocean + pool view. As we sat sipping iced tea and eating complimentary hot nuts and choco-bites, that’s about the time it hit me that MY GOD IS TRULY MY GREAT PROTECTOR! (It’s one of the eight names for the Godhead—Creator, Savior, Protector, Provider, Father, Friend, Guide, and Light of the World— that I taught my two young grandsons in May!)

Carter-Landon 2014

When has God sent a Rescue Squad for you physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, vocationally, and/or relationally? I’d so very much love to hear! Please bless us and share how God has been your Glorious and Awesome Protector.