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To me, May 31st seems like it should be Memorial Day weekend here in the USA, but instead, we celebrated it with a Monday holiday way back on 5/26, and then we had an entire week to work before June would finally arrive. (My work schedule has been discombobulated all week, like when Christmas Day and New Years Day fall midweek!)

So…what have I chosen to do on my self-proclaimed, extra “free” day today so far? Jog, prepare a big pot of oatmeal + store it in individual serving sizes, pray longer, write to you, order some Blackberry Decaf Tea online, and who knows what other exciting things today will bring! Any ideas, ya’ll? I’m all ears as to what you would do with one entire day free.

As one of my coaches just told me that she was praying for me today in a focused way, it brought to mind that I could offer to pray for her and you, too! What prayer request can you share with me? It would be my honor to join you.
Blessings on your day,

Yes, it’s true; I finally took the plunge…I have a personal, Word Press website and Blog,! I’m so excited for this launch. WHAT NEW THING ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT? I’d really love to hear, so I can cheer you on. I’d love to smile at your great + awesome news like, “I’m going to be eating some designer chocolates tonight!” or “Heading to the movies to see Million Dollar Arm now with my friends.” (If your post involves your life purpose, I’ll even pray for you and it!)



Watch for the relaunch of my business site,, onto Word Press, too. That’s next up with my amazing web team, headed by Troy Reiber. I love that guy and his wife + fam! What a blessing Troy has been to our ministry.